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Saving the climate with nuclear power? 原子力発電で気候を救う?

Is nuclear power the solution to the climate crisis? Let’s do the fact check!

If we stop burning coal, oil and gas to stop global warming – we’ll be missing a lot of energy. Nuclear energy is controversial, but aren’t there also good arguments for it? 🤔

„Nuclear power is cheap.“
„And always available, regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.“

What about costs, availability and security of supply? And what about the dangers? Climate vs nuclear – the fact check.

👉 Sources/情報源:

👉 You can find more facts, figures and background information here/より詳細なデータ、事実、背景情報はこちら(ドイツ語)をご覧いただきたい:
👉 And here/そしてこちら(ドイツ語):


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